"Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions." Dali Lama


I would like to thank you Peter as I have now given up smoking after 1 visit of having Hypnotherapy back in January 16th 2010.

12 weeks have now passed and I don’t think twice about having a cigarette since!

I had been a 14 a day smoker for 21 years and I never thought that I would ever be able to give up, but thanks to you and your therapy I haven’t looked back since.

Thanks again Peter for your hard work.

- Karl Byron, Wellingborough

Last April I approached Pete to see if he could help me with my chocolate addiction through hypnotherapy. I was eating 3-4 bars a day and would rather have chocolate than a meal was going to be a bridesmaid in the summer so I needed to do something and I was also greatly concerned the health effect it was having on me too eating that amount of chocolate.

Pete went through the tapping technique with me and explained how it would work and then had 1 x 30 minute hypnotherapy session.

I was unsure if this would work well 1 year later I have used the tapping technique once in the early stages and have had chocolate twice once on Xmas day a small handful of roses and then on Easter Sunday half an egg. Reason being is I strangely just have no inckling for chocolate all my family think I must have been taken over from aliens.

I would definitely recommend hypnotherapy to anyone who has an addiction as did not think anything could work for me until this. Pete has been great the whole way through checking how I have been going and just put me so at ease so I trusted him 100%!

- Janine Clements, Bedford

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